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Tianshui Metalforming Machine Tool Co.,Ltd. is located in Chinese history culture famous city which is eastern of the ancient silk Road-Tianshui city, Gansu province.
Since 1966, the enterprise is established as the Chinese large enterprise and the manufacturer of making the Metalforming Machine Tools. The enterprise has 1000 employees, among them, the high & middle engineers is more 200.
All of it’s products are registered with ‘TSD’trade mark. More 600 sets of the annual production capacity and more USD40,000,000 of annual value of output are available.
The enterprise has been exporting shearing machine and press brake etc. of Metalforming Machine Tools since 1991,and the products are sold far to more 40 countries and districts of the world, and the products exported total more 2000.
Since these 40 yearsthe enterprise has been developing new products more 300 kinds, more 50 kinds of them won the ‘national science and technology progressive and major new products prize’.
In 1987, the 40×2500 shear and 500tons servo press brake filled in the gaps of the national heavy duty shear and press brake.
In 1988, the enterprise developed the national first set of CNC electric-hydraulic proportion press brake.
In 1997,the enterprise advanced passed through the ISO9001: certification. .
In 1997,the enterprise developed the national first set of 300T/3200 CNC eight-axles press brake and won the ‘science and technology progressive prize’ of the Chinese machinery and industry department.
Since 1998, the CNC press brake of 2000T/14000mm and 3200T/14000 has won the ‘the developing prize of new product’and ‘science and technology progressive prize’.
In 1999, the ‘full set equipment of large diameter longitudinal seam & spiral welding pipe’ developed by the enterprise was listed in the industrial example project of national senior technology.
In 2002, the enterprise produced the 10mm×12m hydraulic guillotine shear and created the largest shearing angle in Asia.
In 2003, the ends expander won the national patent.
In 2004, the largest CNC cutting centre of Asia which is developed for the auto industry owned the full self-knowledge property was appraised as the ‘first class of science and technology progressive prize of Gansu Province’ which is one of the ten important technical fruits of Gansu Province.

technology capacity

The technology department is mainly composed of technology development centre and technical department, and the machinery institute, hydraulic institute, electric institute and technical data room are included in the technology development centre.
There are product developing and designing personnel more 80,among them , the high engineers is more 30, chief high designers is 2, the city class ‘222’ and the learning guider of province class ‘555’is 10. The enterprise has strong technology organization, consummate technology, high professional level, especially in the line of designing heavy duty CNC press brake and shearing machine.
The technology development centre owns the CAD/CAE & PCCAD design ,and the optimization design, limitative analysis, three dimensions of dynamic fictitious assembly, limitation & personal design service are available.

manufacturing capacity

The total areas of the enterprise is 300,000O,among these areas the total construction areas is 60,000O.The enterprise possesses 320 sets of manufacturing equipment, among them, heavy-duty & precision processing equipment are more 30 sets.
The import equipment: vertical manufacturing centre, gantry manufacturing centre, CNC heavy-duty standard boring & milling machine, CNC heavy-duty gantry milling machine and heavy-duty surface grinding machine etc.
Homemade equipment: steel-plate pretreatment plants, CNC cutting machine, electric spark cutting machine, CNC lathe, heavy-duty slider-way grinder, vibration ageing equipment ,higheffect quench device, multi-stove in the style well, ionic nitrogenous stove and the heat treatment equipment of spiral automatic welding machine.
The enterprise owns important testing device and equipment more 30 sets as the advanced analysis of materials, quality inspection, electric optical analysis, and the test of physics and chemistry etc. It also owns the special railway and 50tons gantry crane.
The enterprise can provide excellent products and service for our users with its advanced designing forms and rich manufacturing capacity and fine service.





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